Hall of Fame

The Jackson County Historical Society honors select individuals who during their stay in this area, have made a significant contribution.  The nominees are inducted into the Hall of Fame each first Sunday in November, as a part of Heritage Day, followed by the annual Heritage Dinner in Janssen Hall.  

The qualifications for nomination are as follows:  the person does not have to have been born in Jackson County, but must have lived here for a time and made a significant and lasting contribution. Being a successful business person or leaving a large sum of money to some cause should not in itself qualify someone.  Nominees can come from all walks of life, but must have been deceased for at least 10 years.

Ideally, by March each year a handful of nominations will have been submitted by the public, each containing a narrative of the person being nominated with information as to why they deserved this honor, a photograph, and list of known descendants.  A committee from around the county would then review the names submitted, as well as nominations received in previous years, verify the data, and vote on who was to be inducted for the year.

The first year, 1972, five early settlers were inducted:  Ansel Briggs, 1st Governor of Iowa; John E. Goodenow, Father of Maquoketa; William Phillips, filed the first land claim in 1838; Anson Wilson, pioneer settler; and Alexander Reed, earliest recorded white settler in 1833.

There were years when only a couple were inducted, and even a couple when there were none.  One thing is certain, however, and that is that there are many names that should be on our Hall of Fame Wall that aren’t, simply because no one ever nominated them.  People that did some extremely significant things are still to be honored for their contributions.

  • Early settlers - David and William Dyas that were inducted last year.  And in that category are J. E. Goodenow, Anson Wilson, William Phillips, Elbridge Potter, Shadrack Burleson, William Reed, Matthias Fritz
  • Politicians/Elected Officals -  Ansel Briggs, William Warren, Carolyn Pendray, Gerald Cornelius, Albert Dawson
  • Scientists - Millikan, Luckeish, Paul Sagers
  • Doctors - Frank, Jordan, Griffin, Shields, Lampe, Swift, Holt
  • Ministers - Lawrence Nelson, Al Burlingame, Oliver Emerson
  • Photographers - Will Cundall, M. J. Streuser, John Esmay & Arch Hamley
  • Artists - Oran Brandt, William Carson, Galilee Harding and Edna Hoffman
  • Entertainers -  Odette Keene, Maude & Jack Brooks, Gil Stromeyer
  • Military men - Col. Thomas Cox, Robert Losey, John Malcolm Nims and Maynard Dunham
  • Educators - Helen and E. R. Stoddard, B. S. Moyle
  • Historians such as Charles Wyckoff, James W. Ellis, Harvey Reid
  • Business men - Don Thomas, Allison Pearson, Lige Rasmussen, P. C. Noonan,Ben Jacobsen, Otto Battles, Melvin Joiner, the Harrisons, Ed Kirchhoff,Alfred Hurst
  • Newspaper men & women - Edwin Black, Wm. Swigart, Glee Porter, E. Schirmer

Olga Peters Hinchcliffe

Born 1891    Died 1983
Married Charles Hinchcliffe 1929

Olga grew up on a farm north of Baldwin, Iowa.  She graduated from Baldwin High School  circa 1908.  She graduated from Cornell College's Conservatory of Music program.  Olga then spent years in Chicago at the American Conservatory of Music where she taught piano and performed in concert.  Later she and her husband returned to Baldwin and Olga spent the next 40 - plus years teaching piano to area children.  She was much beloved, inspiring many Jackson County youth to enrich their lives through music.