Agricultural Heritage

The first thing one will see when entering the Clinton Engines Site is the Agricultural Heritage Building.  Soon to be a fascinating museum in its own right - the Agricultural Heritage Building is well underway.  Volunteers have finished pouring the concrete drives, the steps and walkways.   An inviting bench in honor of Mary and Albert Kilburg is in place.   And a garden in honor of J. C. and Arlene Engel has also been established.

When complete, it will pick up the story of agriculture in Jackson County just where the Penningroth Machine Shed on the Jackson County Fairgrounds Site left off.  The PMS begins the story of Agriculture in Jackson County even before May 30, 1833, when settlers were first allowed to cross into the new Iowa Territory.  It continues through the era of horsepower - or oxen or mule - right up to and including the big old steam engines.

The Battle of RED vs GREEN Lives On

The Agricultural Heritage Building takes over just as the Farmall gas tractor makes its appearance in 1924 - then things changed! Stop in and see Ergon Penningroth’s 1931 Farmall and the Kilburg’s John Deere.

LaFrance Fire Engine

Inside is a 1961 LaFrance Fire Engine donated by the Maquoketa Volunteer Fire Department.  The little pumper still runs like a top and was quite an attraction in the recent Fair Parade.  The story is that Clinton Engines played a major part in Maquoketa getting the engine as Don Thomas was a good friend of LaFrance.   Now the engine has been retired and found a fitting home.  With all the many car enthusiasts from the Coronado Car Club members to the stock car racers, it is hope that the AgBldg will have artifacts and stories of great interest to them.  There is a collection of old licence plates going back to a time when the year doesn’t even appear!

The hope is to keep the building flexible - for a time it will also double as a workshop where capable and skilled volunteers will build an authentic narrow gauge combo car (combination passenger, baggage and mail car) to sit beside our LaMotte Depot.  


Ask to see the AgBldg!.  There is already much there to enjoy.